Our Journey to cool…

It starts today. Now, I am by no means an expert on cool! Let me start there. But I did read the other day that “With childlike awe and wonder that betrays their otherwise cynical demeanor, hipsters glory in the little pleasures of life: riding bikes along rivers, eating homemade macarons on a blanket in a friend’s front yard, or playing Frisbee in the park. Hipsters appreciate the detail and artistry of creative, well-crafted films, music, books, and woodwork. They take the arts seriously and recognize their crucial part in human flourishing.” -Brett McCracken So, if that is the new cool…I think I might have a chance! I mean, I love music and books and macaroons! I could do this, we could do this!

So, in starting our journey I did two things. I cast off my very first sweater, handmade totally fits the cool hipster vibe, and Cole and Henry and I started music class. Well rounded, music loving kids is totally cool, right?!?

Now, if only we had a farm to go run through!! In time, in time. Our journey may take us awhile, but we will learn to make do as we go.


One thought on “Our Journey to cool…

  1. You made that sweater?? It’s fantastic.

    Ahem, Cole has a Run DMC shirt. That’s cool.
    You have star stickers. That’s cool.
    Eric bakes. That’s super cool.
    And Henry has a spiky head. That’s cool too.

    Love you bunches. xoxo

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