I wonder what it would be like if I was cool! If I did “cool” things and had “cool” friends and was all around “cool” if maybe being a stay at home mom would be different. Then if we were “cool” we would do “cool” things. I wouldn’t get bored at home with the kids because I would be out and about doing “cool” stuff! I should work on that!

Instead, I spend my days making apple sauce and thinking of new ways to rearrange our living room to spice things up! Plan for this week: figure out how to be more “cool”!

This one made me smile, I can just hear Cole saying “spiky!!” (poor Henry and his spiky head)


2 thoughts on “cool…

  1. I think it is “cool” to be a stay at home mom. You are very lucky and your kids are very lucky to have such a cool mom.

  2. Katy, your life seems great. Your boys are adorable.
    Things always seem ‘cool’ when you’re not there. It is all overrated.
    You know what life is all about!
    Jenna (Sundby/Wahl friend)

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