Tut Tut…

We left “early” on Saturday morning and headed out to the coast. The weather report changed every day, getting better and better as we got closer to going. The final check before we hit the road, some sun some clouds some rain. We were optimistic! We could handle a little rain! We are PNW’ers!! But we were lucky, boy were we lucky! We had beautiful weather, only to go to sleep on Monday night and wake up in a really really wet tent! The floor was a puddle and the kids were champs! We made it on our first trip as a family of FOUR!
The beach was a hit for Cole!  He had so much fun getting all sandy and climbing around.

Cole found a ramp, and boy did he take advantage of it!

Henry enjoyed some time in the wagon

Cole and Daddy practiced balancing

We sat and watched Cole play and the waves

I enjoyed Some tea and watching my boy enjoy being outside

Family is too fun

Papa and Nana showed Cole how to enjoy the fire

Mama enjoyed her boys

And Henry just enjoyed being outside and in the sun!  He also enjoyed being carried around the ergo and laying the sand, he slept through the night for the first time!!!  And he and his brother did amazing in the tent!  Overall, we will be doing it again!!

For now, WELCOME September!!  I can’t wait to see the leaves change!!  I love FALL!!!


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