Before I had kids I “totally knew” what I was going to do when I had them, how I would deal with situations, and what I would and would not do.  And then I had kids:)  It is a force to be reckoned with, these little pocket size humans!  They are all different and need different things and react different to situations!  I have no idea what I am doing most of the time, and I have realized that nobody knows the right way to do this.  Parenting is the most difficult thing I have ever done, it is the most wonderfully chaotic job I have ever done.  Nothing could have prepared me, nobody could have explained it to me.  Now that I am in the thick of our second year I am realizing that most people are just doing the best that they can!  They are doing what works for them.  That although I might not do what they are doing, what they are doing might be working wonderfully for them!

That being said…why can’t other people just mind their own business 😉  Case in point…Cost Plus in Orange, CA.  I completely understand that it is NOT cost plus’ policy and that the associate who approached the nursing mother does not represent the company…but she is the perfect example of my point:)  The way that I choose to raise my kids is my business!  If I want to nurse, AKA: FEED MY CHILD, in a store or at the zoo or in the park or while grocery shopping or riding the bus (all of which I do) than that is my business.  It makes me sad that something like feeding a child is looked at as indecent or gross. It isn’t like she took off her shirt and walked around the store nude!  I mean come on.

Just thought I’d let ya know what I think


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