Time has slipped away from me, our life is busy and not so busy at the same time!! The boys are little time suckers, I wouldn’t have it any other way! We have been up to nothing special…other than a great whirlwind visit from Sarah! And a little man in our life started eating “real” food, and another one has started saying sentences! We got some “real” big boy beds for the kids room, and Henry has started to sleep a little more. We have spent heaps of time at the lake, in the pool, playing in sprinklers, and enjoying the bit of summer that the PNW has given us.

While Sarah was here we went to the zoo! Kim and new baby Ava joined us, she is about as cute as can be!! The sun made an appearance mid day and Cole enjoyed the chance be to COOL…

My days are spent watching these two boys get to know eachother, and I LOVE it! They are beginning to “play” a bit more, and Cole has started telling Henry what he sees as we drive around town! I love seeing them together and can’t wait till Henry is old enough to really play. Here they are reading a train book…


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