boy: Germanic: Home ruler

He is big.  As in FIVE months old!!  Ya, as in almost half a year!  He still is crazy, he is opinionated, demanding, contemplative, inquisitive, and absolutely adorable.  He is just now deciding to start talking, laughing, and making noise.  He is rolling over and pushing up but doesn’t seem to have much interest in sitting on his own ( I am betting he hasn’t realized that until he sits he can’t eat!)  He basically is amazingly different than his brother, and I would have it no other way – of course!  Henry is still pretty skinny and still growing longer!  He isn’t sleeping through the night, but I am making do with it…I don’t remember when Cole started sleeping through the night, but I am pretty sure Henry is on the same track.

Henry has a bald spot, it is on top of his head on the left side.  It started out like a dime and grew and grew, until tonight I realized that the only thing holding his hair to his head is cradle cap!  So….

We shaved it!  And, it is adorable, and shocking, and cute, and spikey, and weird, and makes me smile!  I now have more yummy skin to kiss and I love it!  His little head is so round, and perfect!  And his stork bite that had moved out of my sight is now there again!

if you are wondering…electric razor, then shaver…still some patches, but it will be fixed:)


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