Yesterday Sky and I made cupcakes for Cole’s birthday!  We made funfetti minus the frosting, and mmmm, they were good.  Only one problem.  Cole really really finds sleep to be important, and I don’t think he cares enough about sweets:)  I am hoping to change his mind!  So, Nana came over and we ate some tacos!  We had Avacado-probably his most favorite thing EVER!  We then opened some presents!

He was pretty stoked, but he was tired!  And how do you let a TWO year old know that he will be able to play with everything…lets just get them all opened!  A lesson in enjoying the moment!  I just wanted them all open but he surely wanted to enjoy each and every one!

This morning was spent enjoying his new loot!  And also enjoying this new space his Mama made for him…

It is a small little space, with the most important of things.  It is in our kitchen so he can be close while we cook/bake/clean.

On another note…how cute is this!!!??!!  I love it, look at that face:)


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