Summer arrived today, and we are so excited!  I don’t know what took it so long to get here but you won’t see me complaining!

To celebrate, the boys and I went on an adventure!  I strapped one baby in the ergo and another in the stroller, packed up a picnic and some swim diapers and we were off!  We walked the 3 1/2 miles to the lake!  We ate lunch, played in the water, fed some ducks, and enjoyed our good friend..the SUN!  On our walk home we stopped to enjoy a cup of juice (coffee for me) and the wonderful company only a couple of little boys can give!  My boys and I came home sweaty and tired!

A few things to remember…it is hard to go the the beach with two kids.  It can be difficult to convince a child who has no fear of water at all that he DOES NOT know how to swim yet!  He goes from one near drowning experience to another, laughing, and all the while I am juggling Henry at the same time!  Sand gets hot!  And nothing beats cooling off on a hot day in the lake! Don’t worry, I will do it again:)


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