I received an email from to get a free photo of the boys.  I decided that, although I usually don’t like the ones taken in a studio, it was a good excuse to see if I could get one of both of them.  So, after everybody’s nap we headed over.

There was only about a 15 minute wait and so I nursed and we got started.  It was promising at first, then Cole lost it and then H followed.  It became cry fest 2010 for H and our chances of getting a good shot of them were lost.  But, that is our life!  I mean honestly, we try and get these pictures of the kids when they are all happy as a clam but he isn’t, he just is a fussy kid most of the time.  So, in the end I figured, might as well capture our life right now…

and then there is this guy!  The girl had so much fun photoing him, he is a ham!  This one was my favorite!


3 thoughts on “botched…

  1. Katy, I love you so much. Please don’t take this the wrong way but don’t you think it’s about time for a hair cut??

  2. lol, now that I have seen Henry in person, he really cracks me up. I like him! He kinda just looks really annoyed by your decision to have his picture taken.

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