There is a lot of mud here, because there is a lot of rain.  Soon summer will come, and I am trying to remind myself how much this rain helps to make those summer months so beautiful.  I am so excited to get  these boys in some shorts for more than one day at a go!

Henry is beginning to chill out a bit and I am thankful!  He has gone from crying almost all day to only crying sometimes.  He, as we speak, is asleep on the couch next to me!  I am thankful for these times when both of my boys are sleeping at the same time!  Especially when I am as productive as I have been today-kitchen clean, laundry going, knitting done, living room cleaned!

I was chatting with a friend the other day about having two kids, about sibling issues and so on.  I have been so lucky with Cole, I can leave him in the room with Henry and not have to worry at all ( not that I do ) and he seems to be adjusting fine.  My trouble seems to only be me, hahaha.  I just can get on top of things.  Time management is out the window, and cleaning has taken a back seat.  I think to myself, THREE months Katy, THREE months and you still can’t make it work!  I should be able to watch the kids and do laundry and have dinner done when Eric gets home and have a clean bathroom!  The worst part is, as I get frazzled with what I am trying to get done, Cole sees my weakness and preys on it like an animal!  That is the moment he chooses to scale the bookcase, or to start screaming at Sid.  Someday it will all work, but for now…we hunt through piles for our chonies because our laundry just isn’t making it into the drawers!

He doesn’t seem to mind


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