paranoid andriod…

That is what I am!!  I am officially in the middle of my very first freakish mom moment.  It started about a week ago and will hopefully come to an end tomorrow, I can’t wait!

I have noticed that Cole is amazing, but he is also quirky!  I am not by any means complaining, but he sleeps a lot.  Like more than you think a kid his age should.  He literally sleeps between 15 and 16 hours a day.  He goes to sleep between 6 and 7 at night and wakes up between 7 and 8 in the morning, then he takes a three hour nap during the day.  Add to that his insaciable thirst and the fact that he pees through ALL the time and now I am afraid of diabetes.

I understand that all of this could be and usually is totally normal.  I know that the chance of him inheriting this terrible disease from me is possible, but not a given.  I know that having a two year olds blood drawn is not easy.  I know all of this, but I am doing it anyway!  Today, Cole and I went to the lab and he got his blood drawn for the first time.  Tomorrow we get the results of hopefully his last A1C for a very long time!  I have to know, I have to stop thinking and analyzing and worrying about my little man.  So, tonight I hope I sleep.  And tomorrow things will go back to normal, whatever that normal is.


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