Our good friends were in town this weekend.  Well, for Saturday at least.  And what a beautiful day it was in Seattle!  We enjoyed that sunshine and headed into the city early (10am haha) and picked up a few of them for a whirlwind city day.  Our adventures took us to doughnuts, blackbird, fieldhouse ( a great find!), paseos (my favorite!) and then to the bus for some socializing.  Cole got to come out for the day but we took him to Nana and Papa’s for the night because we knew we would be late!

Henry did wonderful!  He slept most of the day away in the sling and then woke up and enjoyed the company.  At about 8 we watched some old friends play and from the stage he fell asleep.  He slept through the next few hours in the venue with some pretty sweet headphones on.  He was so asleep he didn’t even wake up to nurse!  About 20minutes before their set was over he woke up so we spent the end of the show on the tour bus.

It is always so nice to see them and such a sad reminder of friends who are so far away!  I miss them so much and can’t wait to make a trip “home” to play!  We just don’t have friends here with kids like we do back “home”.  But how quickly I remember why I love Seattle so much on a day like Saturday!


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