super cole…

This is why I love having boys!

Who would have thought a towel and some big boy chonies could be so fun!

Well Cole did of course!

A little update on my mischievous almost 2 year old…He has decided this last week to use about 50 new words, and make sentences!  He loves to dance and clap.  He loves music class.  He is starting to say his colors, but has no idea what they are.  He is learning to scream, and I am trying to unlearn him.  He is still obsessed with shoes and coats.  He has learned the word MINE, and it stinks.  He still hates dirt, dirty, icky, and messy.  His brother has become “mimi enry”, we are working on it.


One thought on “super cole…

  1. Love love love this post. Always wondering what those boys are up to so it’s fun to read about sentences, music class, etc. And I CANNOT get over how much Henry looks like you when you were a tot. xoxo

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