day 73…

Today is Henry’s 73rd day in the world.

On his 73rd day he played outside, took a nap in the grass, cried, fussed, slept, and ate.  He smiled at his Nana and cooed and smiled quite a bit for his momma.  He made his brother smile and smiled at his brother while he whinned for more crackers.  His little body keeps me warm at night and his fussing keeps me from sleep.  I wouldn’t give him up for nothin!

He entered the world in the nearly least desirable way.  It was rocky and he seems to be pretty good at keeping us on our toes.  He want to be an only child, wants the attention an only child gets and seems to already know that his cries take the attention away from his brother.   His smile is slowly killing me.  The dimple has torn me apart.  I already know that he has too much control and he is far too cute for his own good.

His brother is the ultimate big brother.  He wants to be with him all the time.  Cole always knows where “mimi” is and knows when he needs to eat.  He is ready with a diaper whenever he thinks “mimi’s wet” and reminds me that he needs his binkie.  If “mimi” is crying Cole is right there to put his finger in his mouth to calm him down (or choke him till he can’t cry anymore).

On his 73rd day Henry is 10lbs and 3oz, he is in the 10% range for his weight.  Thankfully, although he is so small we can’t see his bones!  He is a whopping 24 inches long placing him in the 80% for length!  We have a tall one a growing over here!  He is the opposite of his big brother in just about every way!

These boys are blessings!  Huge huge blessing.


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