“mimi” is Cole’s word for baby.  He won’t say Henry, so he calls him Mimi.  Anything baby is “mimi”.  Hopefully he will begin to call Henry Henry when he starts talking more, for now I am trying not to call him mimi, but it is hard.

Cole loves him so!  He is always trying to share with him, and getting him blankets and pacifiers and diapers.  It is amazing to me how loving he is.  He comes to Henry when he cry’s and Cole goes to him and pats his back and says “shhh mimi shhhh” it is amazing!

First thing when Cole wakes up he asks for Mimi, he always wants to know where he is.

I always know where he is!  I am pretty much obsessed with both of them, it is amazing.

The animals on the other hand are not as excited.  They come as quick as can be when he is crying, they want to know what is up, but they don’t want to lay with him like they did with Cole.


One thought on “MIMI…

  1. Dude, I call Vincent “baby” all the time, and I don’t even mean to! We were pretty set on calling him Vincent so Áine did. She can even say his name, she just defaults to baby and we are just as bad! We really have to be mindful to use his name–thankfully she is starting to use it more so we must be doing better :). She calls him Been-cent :). Mimi is super cute, too! I would have a very hard time not calling him “mimi”

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