I can’t believe Henry is already three weeks old!  Holy hanna!  It happens so fast, time just goes and I would love it if it would slow down just a little.

Cole, oh my little man, has a terrible ear infection!  I have this really really odd child that doesn’t fuss, he is really laid-back, but on Monday he was out of sorts.  He was fussy and whinny and I was sure something was wrong so I called the doctor.  By the time we went in to see her he was fine, he was back to normal!  I felt so dumb!  Why do kids do that?  They are totally not normal at home and then you get all the way to the doctor and POOF!  they are just normal.  Well, I was right!  He is sick, poor guy.  Normally our amazing doctor doesn’t give antibiotics, but his is bad so we went that rout, so for 10 days he is being medicated.  He isn’t sleeping normal and I can’t wait to have my Cole back.  I feel so bad for him!

On another note…lets compare my kids:)  I only have so much time that I can openly compare them before it is mean and evil of me…so lets take advantage of this time:)

Cole at two weeks

Henry at two weeks

Holy different!  And just so you know, their personalities are different as well!  Go figure:)  Cole was way low key, and still is.  Henry is demanding, he knows what he wants and he wants it when he wants it!  It is so fun to watch them, they are the best.

Sidenote…I want a vacation…


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