Oh goodness, Saturday was a day that reminds me why I live in Seattle!  It was beautiful!  Our family of four got up early, got coffee on our way and headed to greenlake to walk and see the ducks.  Nothing better than Cole running around like a wild man carrying sticks!  We let him walk A LOT so it took us about two hours to get around the lake…but we loved it!

We got home, ate some yummy lasagna that our neighbor made for us, and walked to Nana and Papa’s house.  They were building a “patio” and we were helping.  Cole had a hayday!  And Henry just enjoyed the sun on his blanket in the yard.  It was a wonderful day.

Our new plan of action for the hair that is too long in the front…pirate bandana!  Only problem…I had a red one on him today, and at the grocery store a really stoked asian man stopped to tell us how great it was and that he looked like axel rose…now I wonder if I can take my kid out like that:)

Once again to show you how much my dog loves babies!  I love it!  Note the pile of Blue Sky yarn on the blanket…this sadly was from my very last visit to Hilltop Yarn 😦  They will be closing the end of this month and will be greatly missed.


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