Today is Friday, we have spent one whole week at home without Dad during the day and we survived!  I was so nervous on Monday I thought I was going to barf, but it is surprisingly easier than I expected.  It is like H. has always been here, and Cole has adjusted quite well so far.  Cole misses his dad so much though, it is sad, he asks for him all day.

Only a week and a half old and he is already growing so much!  He is gaining weight and being awake more and more each day.  He can move his head from side to side when he is on his belly and he makes a ton of crazy faces.  He is serious just like his big brother was and he is melting our hearts every second.

That is where my problem starts.  I probably have never said this before, hahaha, but I HATE being pregnant!  And this little man didn’t make my life easy, in fact it was nearly terrible!  I thought we were going to be so good and then at the last minute things went haywire and I never need to go through that again!  Thankfully, after all is said in done my baby and I are both fine and happy, but the journey wasn’t enjoyable.  We have talked about it and although we would love more kids, this last pregnancy was more than either of us want to do again.  But H is growing so fast and it is so amazing to watch, and now we are undecided.  But i want to be decided!  I want to be able to say no more, but we can’t.

And this one!  Holy Hanna!  Look at him, don’t you just want to eat him up!!!!!  H got this sweet dragon bank at my little shower, but Cole has taken it over because it is AMAZING!  He loves it and daddy brings home change for him to ‘feed” him 🙂  He is so big and the most helpful big brother ever.  In fact H is asleep right now on the couch and he is surrounded by stuffed animals and cars and a binkie so that when he wakes up he has things to play with from his big brother!

Live is good here, we are thankful and we are living one day at a time because we are not ready to make decisions about what will happen …


One thought on “questions…

  1. Hi! We are anxious to meet Beautiful Henry. Let me know when you are up for company (we don’t have plans for Sunday. Hint. Hint.) Auntie may come with us. XOXOX!

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