little things…

My dog is crazy, he loves the babies.  He is always there, where H is.  If he cries, if he squeels, if he sleeps…Sid isn’t far 🙂

Eric is ready to cut this.  I am not.  I am waiting for it to go behind his ears.  Nana thinks a ball cap is a good idea, I think it will just cover the beauty of it.  But I am not gonna lie, he looks like a dirty hippy

Look at him, honestly, it suits him I think

The residue from his IV is still there.  I was told to use goo gone or nail polish remover…WHAT! on an infant?!  No thanks, so for now he has what Cole calls “EWWW” but it is going away slowly

His feet are really long, like grandma moo’s and uncle nicks!  They barely fit on the hospital sheet.

My view, I love it…and if you are wondering where Cole is, well he is on my lap in front of H 🙂  Because I love them


One thought on “little things…

  1. Love the Rolling Stones shirt – seriously adorable. Which cool aunt did he get that from again??

    It goes well with “dirty hippie” hair…


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