when we had cole we knew we wanted to use “attachment parenting”.  We wanted to feed him on demand, let him sleep with us, not allow him to cry much, sling him…ya know stuff like this.  He, thankfully, had the disposition to let this style of parenting work for him.  He isn’t overly attached to either of us!  He sleeps through the night, in his own bed, and naps like a champ.  He goes to other people with no issues, and eats like a 19 month old should.

One bit of attachment parenting that I never understood was not to give a kid a pacifier.  It has something to do with breastfeeding and such, but seriously a binkie is a life saver!  I knew it with Cole, I knew it so much Eric and I LITERALLY bought at least FIVE different kinds because we couldn’t get the kid to use one!  You can’t always whip out a boob where ever you are!  I mean come on!  A binkie is an amazing invetion…he wouldn’t take one, I seriously wish I could have gotten him to use one!

Well, this kid isn’t a week old and…

AMAZING!  Some kids like um some kids don’t!  Best part is…we have like 12 of them in our toy boxes!  SWEET:)


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