life is different.  it is perfect, but it is so different.

h. and i in the nicu.  note to self….if you want your baby quick…dont leave him alone!  we were there with him A LOT!

sleep smiles!!

too cute

my boys!  it makes me laugh that they both grew in me yet look SO different

daddy time

kisses!!  check out that death grip:)

and in case you were wondering…Sid is always this close:)

We got home on Wednesday afternoon.  It took quite awhile to get both of us discharged but we were all ready to go!  And I was about to freak out if I had to spend any more time away from Cole, I missed him way too much.

We broke Henry out of the Nicu at about 11pm on Tuesday night and he slept with me, just the way it was meant to be.  He is doing great!  His sugars and his bp and heart rate have been wonderful.  They signed him off without any special instructions…just a normal kiddo:)!  He was not even high enough on the scale to be considered Jaundicy!  gotta love it.

We have now been home for almost two days and it is perfect!  It is everything I thought it would be.  I love my family and am glad to now get to enjoy them all together.  Cole is doing really well, I am not so sure what we will do when Eric goes back to work, but for now we are going one hour at a time!

I was lucky enough to end up in the ER yet again today.  After contemplating how “ok” the pain I am having is and then realizing that I have a temp of over 102 we went in.  Thankfully, it is nothing serious just a little infection that should be gone in 10 days and I should be feeling better by Monday.  It has been a tough week and I am anxious to be back to myself asap!


One thought on “today…

  1. We both LOVE the photo of Cole holding Henry! It’s so adorable. Henry looks like he’s so confused – too cute. I’m sorry to hear that you came down with an infection. You’ll be good as new in no time. Thankfully you have Eric there to help you – he’s such a great Dad. Love you bunches.

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