TA DA!!!!

I would absolutely love to introduce you to Mr. Henry Charles Yates!!!

This Mr. was born at 37 weeks!  He was 8lbs and 6oz and a whopping 21 1/2 inches long!  Someone was a really good ultrasound reader:)

His hair is obviously amazing!  Quite a bit like his mama’s when she was born.

I am not gonna lie, his arrival into this world was not peaceful but he is doing better every minute and we are hoping he can come out of the NICU tonight.  His big brother has been staying with Nana and Papa since we were admitted on Friday and still has not met him!  We are hoping to introduce them tomorrow morning!  Henry can’t WAIT!

More pictures to come when he gets his hiney out of the NICU!


3 thoughts on “TA DA!!!!

  1. Congratulations, Henry welcome to the Wahl clan. Can’t wait to meet you, we’re on our way to the hospital. I’m so excited!!!!!!!!
    Aunt Kim

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