it is that time again here in our house, and I am trying to get as much together as I can from my perch on the couch.  I am trying to prep myself for another kiddo, I don’t think that I have really done that yet…I know, we are down to the wire!  But I just came across this list of organic remedies that I hope I don’t need but am glad to know that these are out there….


Eric and I also decided to bet on Henry’s weight.  They project him at just about 9lbs this week!  We laugh, we laugh.  I am going for 7lb 15oz and maybe close to 22inches!  I think this is a long one:)  Cole was 21inches and 8lb 5oz.  Eric is thinking 8lb 2oz, the kiddo isn’t living in his belly so his idea of length is nonexistant, but if he felt the kid so low in his pelvis and all the way up in his ribs he might be able to guess:)  If I win I get a week off laundry duty!!!!  WHAT! THAT WOULD BE SWEET!  And he has yet to decide what he gets.

Anyone want to guess??!!


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