and then…

Yesterday was busy.  It has been crazy transfering care and trying to figure out what I am gonna do about this labor.  It is difficult to give up something that I want.  It is selfish and yet also sad to realize that something I believe is healthier for my son and myself is now not a possibility.

In short, my choices as of yesterday at 3:00pm are to be induced on next tuesday with an amnio or wait till a week from tuesday and have a C-section.

These choices don’t fly with me and I let them know that.  I was given the number to another doctor that I can consult with, but in reality I have just been placed between a brick wall and a semi!

As I was leaving the office I received a phone call from the doctor I had just seen letting me know that it looks like I have preeclampsia.  So…I went to have some blood work done to see just how serious this is at this point.  I didn’t have to go to the hospital last night!  But I have been informed to bring my bag with me and be ready on Friday to be induced WITHOUT an amnio.  So, although I am still being induced early at least I am avoiding a medical procedure that I do not believe I need.

What I learned last time is that until I am checked into the hospital none of this means anything.  Eric has told his work he might be in on Friday at 11 or he might be out for the next week.  We will go to our appointment on Friday and be ready to meet Henry later that night or we will be thankful that he gets to cook a little longer and I will have a few days to get over the fact that I am completely out of control of this situation.

Once again, in the end we will have a HEALTHY HAPPY baby boy and that is all that matters!  These last few days I want to be thinking happy thoughts, and creating a home of peace and joy for my family, not freaking out about how much I hate the system or the politics of something that should be a normal part of life.

Oh and to top it off…they put me on modified bed rest till Friday!  As if I could just lay around right now:(  Working on it.


5 thoughts on “and then…

  1. I’m sorry! Why do they want to do an amnio? I thought amnios were more risk? I hope everything works out as well as possible for you, though (and of course baby Henry).

    • So this is actually a new procedure. It started this last fall and is pretty lame if you ask me, but if they induce you before 39 weeks they now have to do an amnio to check the maturity of the lungs. I can understand if we are talking about some random chick who wants to plan her labor but I don’t want an induction and it is just another intervention that I don’t want. Hopefully, we can deliver tomorrow without the amnio, my new dr knows how much I am against it. Time will tell!!

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