wanna know…

Well, if you were laying awake all night wondering what was going to happen with Mr. H…then here you go:)

The specialist won’t allow my dr to deliver me. It is quite a bit of politics and legal crap and although she is willing to take me we both know that in the end it isn’t the best for her, and the last thing I want to do is place her between a rock and a hard place. So we will be delivering H with the same practice that delivered Cole. Our experience with Cole was not bad, it wasn’t what we wanted but in the end we had a very healthy baby boy!!! The difference this time is that the American Association of Obstetrics has changed their standards and there will be quite a bit more to stand my ground on.

They want to induce me at 38 weeks (that would be around the 1st) but in order to do that they would have to do an amnio. Well, that won’t work for me. So that leaves me having to be monitored 3 times a week for the next three to four weeks till I am 39 weeks or, if I can really really push hard, till I naturally go into labor. At that point, if I have not just had him the way he was meant to be born, they will induce me around the 9th.

So, that is where we are now. My doctor will be there when he is born, she will be his pediatrician and she will manage his care knowing full well what my philosophy is on birth and early infant care!! This makes me so happy:) The other concern with H is that he could be born with a glucose tolerance issue. Not that it would last much longer than a few days but that he could have some issues from the shock of leaving my sugary sugary body and living in the real world! Cole did not have this issue, but every baby is different:) My dr is a believer in not over medicating but giving him a chance to adjust with me giving him some medicine on my finger as opposed to rushing him off the the nicu if it isn’t necessary!!! So, that is that:)

Wish us luck! If you want to pray for us you can pray that he is healthy that I don’t have to fight too hard and that he comes about a week early on his own!


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