Our kid is weird. He is adorable, but he is so odd. Cole switches all day long from being so boy, climbing and dirty and trucks and tools, to being so O.C.D., cleaning and taking things to the trash and pointing out things out of place. It is odd…

He is adorable. We are thankful for him and his oddness. We laugh about it and are proud of his unique way of doing things…but today I decided he might have a little bit of a problem. Not like a big one, just a little one. One that may pass or may grow into a full blown mental disorder. Time will tell but for now we will watch in amazement as our child points out EVERY piece of trash on the ground in the city of Portland with a “trash”, “garbage”, “eeeewwww!”. Laugh as we watch him pick up all of his toys, placing them in the “right” spot before he goes to bed. Being annoyed as he yet again finds a pile of Sid hair somewhere and won’t just let it go like I have for the last two days. And being thankful that we don’t have to bend over to grab the sting on the ground or the truck that is not where it belongs. He is odd, but we love it!

I have decided that Cole is also not related to me at all! Tonight we had stir fry for dinner, simple enough…some salt some pepper some red pepper flake, rice, tofu, broccoli, cauliflower, snap peas, carrots, onion, and mushrooms. Cole loves this stuff! That is not odd, that is what both Eric and I love too! But then! For dessert I got him some ice cream and mixed berries….get this! He only ate the berries, in fact I had to eat the ice cream because he was making a mess picking off the ice cream that infected his berries! WHAT! WHO IS THIS KID! No kid of mine says no to ice cream! EVER! Any suggestions as to how to rectify this situation are greatly appreciated!


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