side note…ponytail: Cole has a snotty nose, it is that time of year ya know, and his hair is so long it keeps getting stuck to his face-gross-so I put his hair up!

I have been missing. This is why…

This little monkey has taken over all of my free energy! It isn’t much, but I am giving him what I can.

I am ready, we still have time, and I am thankful that Henry is growing inside me still….but HOLY HANNA am I ready to get this kid out! I don’t know why I ever complained when I was prego with Cole…I mean come on! I had all the time in the world to sleep, and my husband only had to wait on ME! This go ALL of my energy is Cole’s and now Eric can’t just focus on me…he now gets to play with Cole when he gets home (which I am so thankful for!). I am just excited to have my body back…mostly just my energy! And, trust me I know a newborn isn’t a walk in the park…but seriously I like it so much more than being prego:)

Oh, and if you were wondering…we find out next week what will happen with Henry’s birth. We are once again really hoping to have a natural birth…but we have to have a lot of Doctors permission to do so, so we will soon find out!


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