the beginning…

This is the beginning of the end!  The beginning of the end of this darn pregnancy!  I am in the final stretch, the third trimester, the last few weeks, I am at 32 weeks now!  And holy hanna am I ready!  I have said it before and I will say it again…I don’t like this pregnancy thing!  This is what I see now….

Things I am thankful for…no swelling yet!  No stretch marks!  No veins!  No heartburn!  No sickness!  A healthy baby growing inside me and a healthy boy growing outside me that I can still pick up!

Did I mention that this post is going to be random. . .

It hurts to look at him, he is just too cute!

Why is this picture so terrible?…well the water is on, and it is the perfect shower temp!  Yes, Cole is sitting in the shower fully clothed!  He was going to shower with dad, but while dad was getting ready Cole decided he didn’t need to wait any longer.  This is what Eric found when he walked into the bathroom!  Thankful that the water wasn’t too hot, thankful that we were having a shower and not a bath!  He was obviously soaked!  Our little munchkin is a HUGE fan of water!

This was the first meal I made at the new house!  Yummy, hearty, easy!  How do people live without a crock pot?

Cole is learning to sip out of a big boy cup!  We are also working on using a real fork.  He is doing quite well with the cup, I wouldn’t let him have one out of his highchair, but he is doing good:)

Please note our new “kitchen”/art area!  We are still a little boxed up so Cole is still eating in the “art room” but soon his chair will be out at the table and our little creative space will be in working order!  This might be my favorite part of our new house!  A place for me to keep my sewing table out and for the kiddo to do craft projects!!!  I can’t wait till it is all together.

Here is the side profile of Henry.  I know that the stripes make me look even bigger, but seriously someone asked me yesterday if I was having twins and I wasn’t wearing stripes!!!  What!  I am bigger than I ever was with Cole yet I still haven’t gained as much weight…riddle me that!

And this little jem is how Cole sleeps at Nana and Papa’s!  Is he adorable or what!


2 thoughts on “the beginning…

  1. Where does Cole get that hair from? Love the 1st ‘Henry’ pic. And, your dinner looks delicious! AND, it makes my neck hurt to just look at how Cole is sleeping in the last one.

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