I know, I know

I understand that it is only January!  I know that it is still FIVE months till my birthday!  I know that I really don’t do anything for birthdays.  This year…I don’t care:)  This year, I know what I want!  I know and I really hope my husband makes it happen!  I want….

That my friends is a standard Dachshound!  They are huge, well the size of a basset hound, and they are adorable!  I have only ever seen one in real life, he was a wire haired and was too cute!  I want a long haired or a wire haired, but if Eric can even find one I will take what I can get.  They are super hard to find, I guess people only want little dogs these days!

Our cat is going to die, she can no longer get onto any of the furniture, and she walks like it hurts so bad.  I knew that this would happen one day, but seriously, I wasn’t expecting her and my dog to have the relationship that they have.  They love each other so much, it isn’t normal.  My biggest fear is that when she goes, Sid will fall into a major depression.  I think he needs her.  So, my answer to all of this…a new dog!  I want to rescue one, an older one (3 years old maybe).  Now I just have to wait FIVE months to see if it happens!


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