Have I mentioned that I really dislike doing it?  I mean like really really really don’t like to move!  But if I had to pick what was ok about it, the list would go like this…

1. everything gets cleaned out

2. everything gets organized

3. stuff gets thrown away

4. at some point it is all over

That is as long as the list goes, and trust me the list of things I don’t like is WAY longer.

Doesn’t it amaze you every time you move how much JUNK you actually have!!  We moved from a one bedroom, 500sq foot duplex one year ago…and all of our SEVEN closets here are full!  How does someone do that in just one year?  (in our defense….even at our old place we had stacks of boxes to the ceiling, there was not enough room for all our stuff).  I would love to really be better at being frugal, and reusing, and living more simply…maybe that will be our new years resolution…not that we do that:)


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