our tree has been taken apart, there are no signs of christmas in our house other than boxes of stuff and newly opened toys!  I am thankful!  I made sure the stuff was all packed up the day we got home…Sunday night!

I am usually a keep the tree till the new year type, but I am pregnant and our place is cramped and we are moving!  We are moving and I am packing and the decorations just make me crazy!  I have done a really really good job packing if I do say so myself!  Infact, there isn’t all that much more I can do before we are really ready to move ( jan 9th if you want to help us carry boxes!).  But I do have one big issue…it is huge!…after running around after Cole all day, and packing boxes, and doing laundry, and making dinner, and packing boxes…my back  hurts so bad!  I am so sorry Henry, I know this makes you uncomfortable, but please be nice to me, I am your mom after all.


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