Like I have said before, I am not a fan of the mall!  Especially this time of year.  Thankfully I finished my shopping over a week ago, as in everything wrapped and under Nana and Papa’s tree a week ago!  Even Eric is done!!  I am so thankful!  The lady at the grocery store asked me yesterday about how my shopping was coming along, and I gleefully told her that we were so very done!  She said that it is because of the baby, nesting and all…I will take what I can get!  Any reason works for me, I am just glad that it is done!

Although our shopping might be done, presents are still winding down!  I still have two items to cast off my needles.  But other than that we are good to go!  I am quite impressed with how many of our presents I made this year.  And even more impressed when I think about my poor little arm…I have pregnancy carpal tunnel, and knitting makes my left arm fall asleep and then ache.  I pushed thru and knit about SEVEN presents as well as made a bunch of ornaments!  I love the idea of using crafts for gifts!!!!  I have two more days to finish these two items and then we are ready…but really, we are ready right now:)


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