Remember when we were kids and we got to have a whole TWO WEEKS off for the holiday?!  I couldn’t even imagine!  It would be glorious, we would do so many fun things!!

Mr. Cole is, as I have said before, a fan of accessories!  Here he is on the table (he hated this by the way! he isn’t a fan of being placed on top of things)

In this picture he is showing off his new glorious christmas lights necklace as well as a christmas bell.

I also found myself running around town with him this weekend while he was  accessorised in beer coozies!  His new favorite fashion statement is beer coozies worn as wrist shields!  Last night at nana and papa’s he even found their stash and wore them around too.  He is crazy!

Thankfully, this cough of his isn’t holding him back from looking dashing while running about:)


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