There are some things that we do just because some day it will be nice to look back and know that we did them:)  Such as Santa pictures.  I am not a fan of the mall, and the mall at this time of year is roughly one million times worse than usual.  But, we venture out one night just to see Santa.  Cole is too young to have any idea what is going on, so we don’t wait in line at Macy’s or Nordstroms or anything like that.  We make an appointment and go the the picture people.  Last year was amazing!  Cole was too young to know what was going on:)  This year…not so much.  So, needless to say, I figured Go big or Go home.  He wasn’t having it, so I took the most pitiful picture and went with that one!

A few things to note…first the airplane on the floor.  We tried to get Cole to take that from Santa as a little gift, Dude we should have frickin brought an entire life size airplane if we wanted that to work!  Second, he has a cookie in his hand and his mouth is full of cookie!  We tried bribing him with treats, nothing worked:)  That nice man scared the life out of him:(  But, I suppose in like 10 years we will just be thankful that we put our child through hell so that we had a picture to fill each year in the album.

We also did a family shot.  Hahahaha, this was a terrible idea as well.  We look horrible.  There was one or two pictures that were amazing but the little girl who was taking our pictures had no clue what was going on so Eric is not fully visible in the good ones:(

Hahahaha, how sweet is that jem!  The only thing I told her was that I didn’t want to look fat!  I am pregnant not fat.  Hahahha, her answer to that was no belly:)

Next year I am pretty sure we will have to figure out another plan for Santa pictures.


2 thoughts on “tradition…

  1. These are adorable and the family shot is great so I don’t know what you’re talking about. I completely support you putting Cole through the scary Santa situation – you won’t regret it. My mom has a santa photo every year (ps – they’re still going but I got married and when you get married that’s when you get to stop taking them). I LOVE looking back at all the photos and guess which ones are my very most favorite?? You guessed it – the ones where we are steaming! Love you guys and miss you bunches. Merry Christmas. xoxo

  2. You don’t look fat at all, or pregnant even. Love the crying w/Santa picture. It’s funny that kids don’t like Santa, but I guess good. You prob don’t want your child going to any ol’ stranger.

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