Sometimes I seriously wish that I could just run down to target and pick up some medicine and give it to my kid.  He has had a yucky cough for about 13 days now…it freaks Eric out, but I think it is just a cold.  And I am sure that many people give there kids a little cold medicine just to appease them, but I can’t do it.  I can’t get over the fact that Dr. Sears says that Cough meds are now not recommended for kids under the age of 4!  I can’t get over all of the crap we pump into our kids and not think about the long-term effects of doing so.  So alas, I am left with a coughing child who will get better..but will have to do it the old fashion way, with a humidifier, a pillow under his mattress and a lot of warm liquids.  Gotta love cold season in the NorthWest!


One thought on “parenting…

  1. He is so cute! I love the pics in the most recent post. I just had a random tid-bit for you about the cough. So Áine has never had a bad enough cough for me to try this, but I plan to whenever she does in her young life. I have read that people swear by it though. So take Viks vapor rub (the baby stuff and the target brand is even cheaper) and rub it on the soles of his feet, put socks on and then put him to bed (I don’t see why you couldn’t do it during the day, too). Also, if you are concerned about the petroleum in the vapor rub you can use menthol oil. Anyway, I have heard people swear by this. You can find info online so look it up and make your own mind. Also, do not put it under his nose. I guess that stuff is not actually meant to go under a nose of a baby.
    I agree with you about the cough meds, there was a huge thing about them a couple years ago and from what I had heard they were going to ban them, but I guess that is not true. Anyway, maybe this will work. Either way, hope that he gets over the cough soon.

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