We scored big time for Thanksgiving!  We were in charge of dessert and bread, quite easy for us;)  We spent all day Thursday cooking pies to donate to the “old folks” home up the street and then spent all morning Friday prepping for our Thanksgiving.  Eric made two apple pies three pumpkin pies and a pumpkin cheesecake, I made 1 batch of regular rolls and one batch of whole wheat rolls!

We contemplated getting a turkey and bringing it to Nana and Papa’s to fry, but then decided that we didn’t really NEED one.  Low and behold…we were the ones who got heaps of leftover turkey!!!  Not much else was left over so the brussleflower will have to be made again sometime soon.  Eric made turkey soup one night, we froze half of it…it is delicious!  And on Sunday I made Turkey pot pie!  I used this as my base but change a bit…Eric made me a pie dough bottom, and I didn’t use celery but did add green beans and corn, and then the top was a biscuit top!  It was kinda amazing, and so so easy!  I will have to make it again, maybe just with chicken!

Eric also got to work on my favorite holiday treat…peppermint bark!  He used yummy chocolate and added just enough peppermint!  He thinks that the chocolate he used for the bottom is too dark (60%) but I think it is yummy.


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