Trees and such…

There were some things that HAD to be done this weekend!  I HAD to finish, well at least get up, our advent calendar.  It was started last year and never made it to the wall, and this year I wasn’t going to let that happen again!  We also HAD to get our tree;)  Only because I really really have been itchin to get our house holidayified.  My wonderful husband braved the frosty icey morning on Saturday and went into work for a few hours…five hours and two slippery ice falls later Cole and I picked him up so that our adventure could begin!

Last year we ran into a large hurdle in our tree picking…we drove all over and couldn’t find a u-pick lot.  This year, this was NOT going to happen:)  We found a great lot right off the 18 on our way to Nana and Papa’s house.  It was so so cold, so we bundled and off we went.

I am not sure if it us or them, but all of the trees we liked were not for sale:(  We wanted a smaller “charlie brown tree”, we both love them.  But all the little awkward trees were not to be picked, this made our adventure last about 3x’s as long as we thought it would.  But after heaps of hunting Eric waved us over to see our cute little tree!!!

Cole is on the hunt

This one was the right size..but not for sale:(

It was Newfoundland dog day at the farm!!  Cole went for a little ride!  He also has no fear of dogs, kinda scary!  He walked right up to one of the dogs and went in for a kiss!  The dog didn’t offer one up so Cole went all the way to his nose and planted one right on!  Mind you the dogs head was at least 2x’s as big as my baby boys.

Dad found our tree!!!  Cole was way into this saw

After dad finished cutting it down, Cole decided it needed a little more trimming

And here is the advent calendar.  I used sticks from the trees outside our house to hang it…I am pretty happy with how it came out.  Now I just have to finish the days:(


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