So, I know that I am about as much of a suburban white girl as one can get.  I might have some tattoo’s and I might make some against the flow decisions but for the most part I love me a cardigan and see the glory of a house with 2.5 kids and a dog.  That said…being pregnant makes me insane.  My husband can vouch for it…but please don’t ask him, it just embarasses me.  This time around I am more aware of the changes, the emotions, the size, the odd verbage I use.  Because of this new found awareness I am really truly realizing how emotional being prego makes me.

Case in point…this morning Cole and I drove up to see Nana and Sky to go into the city.   Cole hasn’t been feeling too hot but he is going nuts trapped in our house!  On NPR, my go to car music, was some crap about the lame guy who shot some cops and I can’t stand to hear about it any more…so I changed the station.  I have no idea what station it is, my husband listens to the radio I only listen to NPR.  Gangstas Paradise was on circa, oh I don’t know, 1995! and low and behold TEARS!  I can’t stop them, they just come when they please.  And for this I am ashamed and hope that this does not mean that Henry will be a Gangsta who is like this:

They say I gotta learn
But nobody’s here to teach me.
If they can’t understand it, how can they reach me?

So, yes unfortunately, very very unfortunately my husband is so correct!  Pregnancy makes me insanely emotional.  Please don’t tell:)


One thought on “Gangsta…

  1. Dude, I totally know what you mean! I cry over some crazy stuff. I cried a little tonight when I put Áine to bed because it was the last night she was going to sleep in that room and that is the only place she has ever lived! But seriously, it is just a room in an apartment I can’t wait to move out of! Ha.

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