sniffle sniffle

This little boy captured my heart the day I realized he was growing inside me…and then he single-handedly changed EVERY aspect of who I am in about a second.  For this I am thankful…awe struck, but thankful.  I find that my identity right now is found in my life as a mother, and I am sure that it will be this way until my kids want to be out on their own.  This is something that, at times, is hard to come to grips with.  I have always though of myself as independent and free willed…but now I am completely attached to a small man who walks and a soon to be even smaller man.  Someday I will be just “katy” again, but for now I suppose I am ok with “mama”…ok, I lied…I am totally ok with it!

As for how we are doing…well that little handsome man pictured above, he has been sick:(  Sick babies are no fun.  Mostly, I just feel bad for him!  He, I have learned, is not swayed by sickness, nor bad weather…no nothing seems to get the kid down.  If I had to guess…those of you who don’t see him much might not even realize that he is actually sick…but to me it is pitiful!  He is sick, and hoarse, and coughs like a wild banchee at night.  He is quiet, well quieter, and he cuddles way more than usual.  He is on the mend…and I would guess that by this weekend when we go cut down our christmas tree he will be back to his normal self.  But for now I am trying to reason with him as to why we are not visiting the munchkins, or going to coffee, or leaving the house much…but honestly, he just doesn’t get it.

So, yes Christmas tree time has come!  We will head out to the forest to cut a sucker down…well of course by “forest” I mean tree farm, and by “cut” I do mean cut!  It has taken every thing in me not to bust out the christmas boxes..Oh how I long to get out ALL of the stuff and start to transform our little home into a winter wonderland…heheheheh, I can’t wait!

ps…do you find it odd that the urban dictionary says that “sniffle” is spelled s-n-i-f-l-e, but Websters says that it is s-n-i-f-f-l-e!  why would the urban folks change the spelling?


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