Gobble Gobble…

I can’t believe it is already Thanksgiving!  This year is almost over!  You would think that one would stop being surprised and saying things like ” wow this year has really flown by” but nope, I still am totally thinking that..year after year.

We had sweet plans to go camping for Thanksgiving.  We were leaving tomorrow morning..driving three hours south…pitching a tent and setting up trailers…wearing wellies and rain coats…and eating and drinking till our hearts desire on Friday afternoon.  But plans change:)  Eric and I started thinking it wasn’t the best idea with a dog and a kid and a prego belly.  We asked some friends to dinner on Thursday.  Then the rest of our camping crew got on board and decided that it wasn’t the best plan to trek to the woods in November.  Now we are doing dinner on Friday night at home!!!  Our friends have decided not to come to our house for dinner thursday so we will be volunteering at a local shelter for a few hours.  Then Friday we will make the drive to Issaquah to celebrate all that we are thankful for with family:)

Cole and I had an amazing time in California, the weather was way more than I ever could have asked for!  Usually I like to plan our trip to CA in late winter, to break up the gray, but holy hanna I am not gonna complain about an early winter trip to 75 deg weather!!  Cole spent the majority of his time naked, leaving very few pictures that can be posted on the internetzz.  But here are a few…


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