Just an FYI…

If I wasn’t already prego, I would surely be getting prego soon!!  All these babies here in CA are making me crazy!!!  Everyone has them, and they are all so so cute…and from what I can tell, the boys WAY outnumber the girls:)


Poor Poor Miles, every time we get in the car my little man wants to hold his hand…Miles isn’t much for hand holding.  What do you do with a little man who loves his friends:)  Just laugh!  Cole is having a great time!  He narrowly avoided a sunburn today and hopefully tomorrow we keep him pale again!  Wish us luck!

More pictures to come when we get home…I have to show you all how much Mr. Oliver is killing me…oh that baby…I wonder if I could manage Cole and Oliver on the plane…hmmm, Jenna better keep an eye on that kid


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