My boy…

My kiddo is a nut! He has had a hard last few days, we have had a few “firsts” that hopefully are lasts, and things have been just crazy!

Having a 16 month old is way different from having a 12 month old…those few months seem to make quite the difference. Cole still isn’t really talking…he says MOM and DADA and Papa and Sid and String Cheese(although you wouldn’t know it) and baba for juice…but for the most part, he isn’t talking. His comprehension is AMAZING! seriously, he understands so much. This is a TOTAL problem! I feel so bad for him, he knows what we are saying he knows what he wants he just has no way of saying it. Our little man gets himself all worked up, he pushes buttons, he runs around like a banshee! But it is getting better, and I am sure that it will get worse too, and I am sure it could be way way worse than it is for us! He is learning what is ok and what isn’t, and he is learning that crying isn’t gonna get him what he wants. I proud of him and his strong will, his energy, and his little smile!

All of the above things are compounded by his boyness…his insachable desire to climb, explore, get into things. The other day Cole got his first bloody nose:( It was about 6:30pm, very close to bedtime, and he was climbing around in the kitchen. I was right there, when the chair fell I caught the chair, but he fell. He didnt’ fall hard, it must have just been the right angle, and boom…blood all over my shirt and his little nose. He was not a happy camper. As if that wasn’t enough, when the bleeding stopped enough for me to let him move about again, he tried climbing the chair again…I said NOPE! but he had already got his body across it (the chair is a folding chair for outside…when he had fallen earlier he must have halfway folded it) and his fingers landed right in the mechanism that closes the chair…so his whole body weight was pinching his fingers in the chair…Eric and I got him out quick and thankfully he didn’t even bruise…but it was quite the traumatic night.

Another first we are trying to avoid EVER dealing with again happened at Nana and Papas house on Monday…Nana had to go to the doctor and Cole and I picked her up and took her home. Cole has this glorious habit of peeing through like ALL the time! It might be because I am hydrating him 24/7 but ya know. When we got to Nana’s I changed him and then let him run around naked!! He loves being naked, I let him run around quite a bit at home without a diaper. Well, not 5 minutes into his nakedness my mom starts yelling for me…I come around the corner and he is standing there with POOP all over his hand! He had pooped in the corner and it was a terrible mess! I cleaned him up and cleaned the floor…and then called my husband to tell him! Thankfully we were at Nana’s and not somewhere else! Little munchkin!!

Here are some pictures of him and of him and his pup…



We were planning on a family trip to CA this month…but we decided that with the holidays and us wanting to move in January that we should put it off…I think we are going to go in May after the baby is born!! But, friends back home are going through a lot so Cole and I made a last minute reservation and are flying out on Saturday! I really really wish that Eric was coming, I want him to come so so bad:( But he can’t get the time off, and once again it just isn’t financially a good idea for us to all go. So in May we will go as a family of FOUR! and we will go to Wahoo’s together and to Disneyland and the beach and just hang out with friends:)

I am so nervous about this flight…Cole can technically still fly on my lap, so we only need to buy one ticket! We have flown quite a few times just the two of us but things are different now…for one refer to paragraph 2 on this page, for two I am 24 weeks pregnant and take up quite a bit more room, and add that to the fact that we are on a completely booked 6:30AM direct flight! Holy Hanna…I am leaning between heavily sedating him and feeding him for 2 1/2 hours straight:) It hopefully will be better than I am imagining it…but any suggestions for how to keep a munchkin happy for 2 1/2 hours in a center seat will be greatly appreciated!!!

We get back Wednesday, hopefully with better pictures than our last trip “home”.


One thought on “My boy…

  1. Luckily the flight is only 2.5 hours, not 5+. Suckers are great, but I’d do benedryl first, coloring books, little puzzles. Have a great trip! I know a lotta little boys, and they generally don’t talk (young) unless they have older siblings, or are around other kids a lot.

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