It is fall, only my most favorite time of year!  I really really appreciate the NorthWest in the fall, the weather is so so wonderful.  Today we decided to take advantage of a break in the rain/hail/wind, we went to the park after lunch!  It has been crazy here for a few days, something about a cold front over a warm front…all I know is that that means we get hail on one block and sun on the next followed by thunder and lightning and heaps of rain!  So when the sun was shining today we ran out the door!!  Of course we stopped for a coffee, Cole even got a soy steamer!


These are his beloved wellies!!  Eric just asked today if we were going to get them in a bigger size so that he could continue to wear them…I think it is a good idea:)




It was much colder than we thought it would be!  It is 46deg. outside but it felt much colder.


Now we are home, the baby is down for a nap and the clouds are providing ample precipitation…I am glad that it is Saturday and that we have no plans of leaving out little house for the rest of the night!!

Incase you were wondering…I am roasting a chicken with sweet potato and onion and garlic and carrots for dinner, I love fall:)


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