I have always thought that the internet and I don’t really get along.  It is an amazing resource and I seriously love it…but my brain does not work like it does.  I just stink at searching the web, I don’t seem to categorize things the same way that the internetz do!  It is terribly frustrating, and in turn leads me to just do what I gotta do and then leave it be!  I have always stunk at wasting time on the netzzz at work too!  I wish I was better at it.  I have found my little nitch in the internetzzz world…Blogs!  I can find them and I use them to find recipes and craft ideas and all kinds of goodness, my latest blog find is a keeper!  It is a really really great time waster!  And it makes me feel like I am still “cool”!  Although, I don’t think I ever even was cool:(

I found it on angry chicken ( a great great blog for sewing and crafting).  She talked about it a week ago and I put it off and put it off…but today I found the goodness!!

Do you see the glory!  You can create anything!  All of your dreams can come true!! Do you see that great bag!!??!!  Well that glorious item is just about 3200 bucks!  And I want you to get it for me for christmas:) hahahhahaha!  All I know is that this little website will be taking up quite a bit of my time:)


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