All Hallows Eve

Ok, so I am not gonna lie…sometimes I just suck at remembering my job as a mother!  I mean, what kind of mom doesn’t take even ONE picture of her kid on Halloween?!  Well, apparently that is the kind of mom I am!

Thankfully, we went out with Nana and Papa and met up with Uncle Brick and Aunt Kim…and they are much better “parents” and took pictures!

It was a really great night!  We had spent the whole day moving Nana and Papa, Cole didn’t get a nap, and we were all very very hungry!  When we got to Edmonds the rain hand stopped and we were ready to go!  Cole wasn’t even almost phased by all the costumes, I thought he might be a little scared-but no!  He carried his little spider and walked around.  Nana held him for awhile and went up to the people for candy, but for the most part we just let him wander around looking adorable!  By the time we left he was soaked to his thighs!  He loved all the puddles.  I am so glad I had him wear his wellies:)

halloween 008

When we put this costume on him at home he would be ok for like 2 seconds and then start pulling at the claws on the arms!  He wouldn’t wear the “head” at all.  But on Halloween he didn’t even touch it!  I was so glad, and even more glad to get him out of the house on a cold night with a “hat” on!

halloween 010

I am a sucker for a kid with a tail!  I knew he was cute but when I saw these I realized he was adorable:)

After trick or treating we changed Cole into some cozy pants and went to dinner at Macaroni Grill.  It wasn’t so good, but it was SO good to just sit and enjoy a meal together after such a long day!  Cole did great and ate like a champ…and when we got home he slept like one too:)


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