Babies are stinky..that really yummy new baby smell only lasts like two seconds and then they just stink!  I don’t know if it is just because Cole is a boy, or because I am ultra sensitive to smells…but he is a stinky kiddo:)  His feet stink!  Even if he is barefoot all day, they stink.  And today he had a MAJOR blowout at my doctors appointment that led me to change him in the 49degree weather outside on the ground to avoid having to clean any more than I had to!  We bathe him, I am anal about clean clothes…but he is a stinky boy!  I thought that came later, ya know like when he was 14 or something..I was wrong

We (Eric took the day off) got to see Henry today!  He is just perfect!  Thankfully:)  The last two ultrasounds have been with Perinatal (high risk doctors), they delivered my Cole!  I don’t want them to have anything to do with Henry!  It isn’t that I don’t think they are amazing…and really if something was wrong with Henry I would be so so thankful that they are there!  But I don’t need them or their inductions and pitocin or there heart eco’s or whatever!  Babies are a normal natural process…lets keep it that way:)  So this ultrasound is kinda important because it gives my Doctor the ok to deliver me…I love her by the way, my dr. , she is wonderful!  Henry is growing perfect and his heart looks perfect and his little nose and mouth look perfect and his stomach is perfect and his spine is perfect!  So, my doctor now can comfortably say that my due date will be the later of the dates that they have given(to give me more time to go into labor) and we can plan on a natural birth!  Yay!!!

The second time around makes things easier…and harder at the same time!  I know what to expect, I know what is different, I am excited for what is to come and want it here NOW!  But at the same time it is harder to bond with this baby, there just isn’t the time that there was last time.  I don’t rest nearly enough.  I know what to fight for and what to just nod at and say ok.  The thing that I am working on right now is realizing that we are NOT having another Cole.  This baby will not be the same as him!  It is kinda crazy, I know it seems obvious but it is kinda complicated.  I know what it was like to have a baby Cole, I know how he slept I know how he nursed I know what time of day he would smile the most.  I assume things will be the same, that a baby is a baby.  But in reality, he will not be Cole!  He will be Henry!  And maybe Henry won’t want to nurse 17 hours a day, maybe Henry won’t want to sleep in bed with us.   Maybe Henry won’t like to be in the sling.  Maybe Henry won’t like trucks and trains and airplanes as much as Cole!  It is so odd to think that each and every baby is different and the adjustment just might be harder than I am thinking it will be! Waiting for Henry is tough…I can’t wait to see what he wants and who he is!


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