Being half way to the end is still on my mind!  It is such a wonderful thing!  It makes me realize that I can make it to the end, that there will someday be a new baby OUT of my body.  It is a reminder that not only are we half way there but we are half way done with this whole pregnancy thing-sweet!

This is what I look like twenty weeks pregnant…DSC02357


This is what Cole looks like when I am 20 weeks pregnant… DSC02350

Today I stopped into the Dr. office for a very very quick check(I have a real appointment on Wednesday)  Henry’s heartrate is 156 beats per minute!  It is so rad hearing the little swoosh swoosh of his heart.

In other news, my mom and tom are moving into a sweet little house and I am quite jealous!  We are moving in January to an unknown location and I hope I like it as much as I like their place (but I won’t).

We celebrated Eric’s birthday again on Saturday, it was a really really great day!  And my mom and I made these delicious brownies from scratch and I could eat them EVERY DAY!!  But I won’t because I refuse to make them again till it is something special…they are unreal!  We are celebrating his birthday yet again this Wednesday with friends, and then it is over:(  And he will have to wait a whole year until we focus on his Birthday:)



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