The things we do for moms…

My mom is obsessed with Cole…she should be-he is adorable!  So the other day we were at the mall and she saw in the Gap window a contest for the kiddos.  She said Cole had to be entered because how could he NOT win!  So we entered him in the Gap contest and now my poor baby’s face is on the internet trying to win some contest:(  I feel oddly ashamed and slightly bitter!  How can I put my adorable baby out there without him winning, and yet-he won’t win…there are like 3000000000000 kids out there!  But as a mom, I want people to say “oh he is so cute!” ahhh!  I never should have agreed to this.  Oh well, too late now!

It is like buying lotto tickets!  Only way more lame!  Hahahahaha


One thought on “The things we do for moms…

  1. Haha! He is totally cute enough to win! A few of my friends have sent links to vote for their babies. I looked it up and I think you need to 1. sign up like the 1st day since people can vote once a day and 2. know A LOT of people who are willing to vote once a day. So you just know if Cole does not win, that it was just because you didn’t sign up until part way into the contest–otherwise he would have TOTALLY won :)!

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