We are half way there…

As of Tuesday we are half way there!  20 weeks in and only 20 more to go!  This point is great!  It is funny how much things are the same as last time and yet kinda different.  We now know that my eyes are fine…so there is no retina scan for me!  And the ecco will not be done on the kiddo unless somethings looks fishy on the ultrasound we have next Wednesday (the second time around I feel much more confident about our decisions).  At the same time my sugars are good and I am not gaining too much weight and Eric is still baking up goodness in the kitchen:)  Thankfully it is fall and I am not walking around in a terribly unflattering tank top, and now we have a proper kitchen:)

Cole was a super active monkey in my belly (and out of it!), he made a 15 minute NST take over an hour and an ultrasound take way longer than it needed!  He didn’t like to sit still, and the nurses said that when he was born I wouldn’t be able to swaddle him…he was going to be a squirmer!  When we met Cole he was a mover and a shaker, and he still is, but he LOVED to be swaddled!  And he still loves to sit still and read a book or just cuddle…he is a mix, and it is great!  Henry is not so squirmy in there!  The ultrasounds I have had show a kick back little guy who likes to suck his thumb. But like all babies do, he is kicking away in there, not as often as his big brother but surely still a kicker!  I felt him kick the first time on Monday the 5th…the kicks are still pretty “deep” in my belly and Eric has only felt him a few times, but I feel him quite a bit in the morning and at night.  I like it, it is reassuring!  I have a fear of something being wrong with this little man and those little kicks are just reminders that he is still there and that he is growing:)

I can’t wait for our ultrasound, Eric is taking the day off so that he can come see!  We are also going to try and take Cole with us to a matinee of Where the Wild Things Are!  I am so excited!!!


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