That is what I like about Saturdays, they already tell you what you should be doing…Sitting!  We were smart enough to go to Costco last night and get our grocery shopping done early this morning…so the rest of our day can be spent Sitting-or baking, or cleaning, or whatever!

Eric has started the adventure of making pumpkin pie from scratch, we currently have a whole sugar pumpkin cooking in the oven (and I have the yummy seeds out to dry for the night!)  I am excited to see how it goes!  As if pumpkin pie isn’t enough goodness there should be enough pumpkin left for some pumpkin scones and maybe even a loaf of bread…I am thinking a zuch pumpkin loaf-mmm!

Cole and I are playing and reading books while listening to Radiohead.  I love fall!  The candles are lit and there are yummy smelling things cooking and we even have pine cones in the fireplace bringing in MORE holiday yumminess!

Jenna and I have been talking about food a lot lately.  Takako is sick and adjusting her diet, so Jenna is doing the same!  Some of it makes me laugh but some of it is great information!!  Needless to say, I picked up some rye today so that we can make rye bread…I am thinking that some honey in there might be good!  I am excited, my bread is usually so “normal”, I can wait to try and spice it up a bit…oh and I love rye!  Did you know it is a good source of protein?!  Did you know that as a pregnant women I should be getting between 80 and 100g of protein a DAY!  What?!  I know, I don’t..but i do keep it in the back of my head:)  Sometimes I wish I was the kind of person who could just eat the over processed food and drink the sugar filled soda, but my conscience tells me that I need to do better than that, so I try and get more protein and shop the perimeter of the store.


One thought on “Sat-er-day

  1. Hi Hon. It’s taken me this long to realize you moved. Your stories are wonderful. I have enjoyed the last 20 minutes of catch up. Super fun to read about Henry. Can’t wait to meet him! And, oh my gosh, the stuff coming out of your kitchen! You two impress me.

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